2020 Judging Criteria

Criteria for Assessing Originality

  • Does the product/technology fill a need within the market?
  • Does this product/technology perform a valuable and useful service?
  • Is this product dramatically different from similar technologies preceding it?
  • Does this product take advantage of today’s communication possibilities by tapping into mobile phone applications and/or the Internet?

Criteria for Assessing Usability

  • Is the product easy for an older adult to assemble, set-up, program and/or maintain?
  • How disruptive is this product to an older adult’s life? Is it something that needs to be put on each day or programmed on a regular basis, or can it run essentially in the “background” of life?
  • If it is a wearable device, is it something that an older adult can wear with dignity?
  • Is an older adult likely to comply with the restrictions, commitments, routines, etc., required by this product/technology?
  • What are some of the potential barriers to use for this particular product?
  • How likely is it that older adults and their families will be able to overcome any barriers in order to reap the benefits of this product?

Overall Considerations

  • Is the entry appropriate for an older adult audience?
  • Will the product/technology be beneficial to the user and/or their family?
  • Will the use of this product substantially increase the quality of an older adult’s life?
  • Is the product fun to use?
  • Is it cost-effective?
  • Does this product/technology allow the older adult to remain independent for a longer period of time?
  • Does this product enhance or simplify communication between an older adult
    and his/her family?

Internet Technologies

Criteria for Assessing Content

  • Is the information credible/informative?
  • Is the information provided complete? Is anything of significance to the user missing? (i.e. drug interactions)
  • Is there a clear focus on the targeted behavior(s)?
  • Is there a clear target audience and is the information appropriate for the target audience?
  • Are any technical terms/concepts clearly explained? Does the content minimize any confusion about the subject?
  • Is the information current? Has the content recently been updated?
  • Is the message clear and consistent? Are the main points stressed and repeated?
  • Where information is from an outside source, is that source properly credited?
    If so, is the source reliable?
  • If there are sponsors or advertisers, are they clearly identified as providing financial support? If so, are links provided to these organizations?
  • Is the organization’s contact information clear and easy to find? Are their response
    times fast, whether by phone, email or message board?
  • If any outside organizations are linked or credited as a source, are they easy to contact?

Criteria for Assessing Design/Creativity and User Experience

  • Assess the overall design and layout. Is the design appropriate for the target audience?
  • Is there a consistent personality through the use of design?
  • Are visuals/graphics relevant to the subject matter? Is there effective use of color?
    Are banner ads (if in use) appropriate/relevant?
  • Is the design appealing?
  • Does the design enhance and support the overall message, or is it distracting?
  • Is it easy for the user to share information with friends (Facebook, Twitter, send to
    a friend, etc.)?
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