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Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit certificates will be awarded by Divisions and Categories. Using a rating scale of 1-100, a panel of experts will judge entries based on the following criteria. All judges’ decisions are final. Awards packets will be sent to winners in early fall. Selected winners may also be awarded special “Nana Technology™” recognition — see details below.

General Judging Criteria

bulletIs the entry appropriate for an older adult audience?

bulletIs the product/technology user-friendly for older adults? (Consider device assembly, set up, and ease-of-use.)

bulletWill the product/technology be beneficial to the user and/or their family?

bulletDoes the product/technology fill a need within the market?

Web-based and Mobile Resources

bulletIs the online/mobile resource appropriate for an older adult audience?

bulletIs the online/mobile resource user-friendly for older adults? (Consider font sizes, navigation, overall design and ease-of-use.)

bulletIs the online/mobile resource beneficial to the user and/or their family?

bulletWill the online/mobile resource attract and hold users’ interests?

bulletOverall use of the interactive nature — not simply an electronic version of a brochure or newsletter, etc.

Special “Nana Technology™” Recognition
Selected entries may also be recognized as Nana Technology winners, a term developed by Andrew Carle, a note senior-technology expert. Carle describes Nana Technology as technologies “designed, intended or that can otherwise be used to improve the quality of like for older adults.”

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